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Els tarongers de miramar

Els Tarongers de Miramar
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About the song

‘Els Tarongers de Miramar’ is a musical ode to Miramar, a small village on the coast of Valencia, Spain. It depicts a vivid image of the village, which consists of two parts, La Platja (the beach) and El Poble (the centre of the village), separated by magnificent fields of orange trees (Els Tarongers). The song sketches these images, starting on the breezy beach, moving through the orange fields into the village, where a traditional Marxa Mora (Morish March) can be heard. The march ends up back on the beach, where the sun sets.

​It is a love song without lyrics. A love song to a person, a place and a community. Even though it’s attributed to one specific place, the song speaks to a universal desire of softening homesickness, especially during dark winters away from home.

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